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#IamCuso: Dr. Maria Johnson Sallah, Tanzania

Entrepreneur program helps young women in Tanzania

New project gives women a voice in the Democratic Republic of the Congo

Common Pots in Peru address escalating food crisis and create networks of women leaders

Community Pots in Lima, Peru

Kizimba Business Model: Supporting girls and women in Tanzania

Bridging education gaps in Canada’s north

Ethiopian girls build self-confidence, leadership skills through educational program

Shifting mindsets through environmental conservation projects

Supporting women’s economic autonomy and entrepreneurship in Colombia

Join Cuso supporter Mieke in Peru in September 2022!

Academic, financial support make education a reality for young Ethiopian girls

Fighting for river rights, connecting with the sacred

Exploring the possibilities

Grounded in compassion and global understanding

Sowing seeds for future growth, improved livelihoods in Tanzania

The joy of learning, and of giving back

Village life invigorated by successful coffee strategy

Fighting for women’s rights through ‘sisterhood bonds’ in Colombia

Access to jobs, education, and a healthy future

A job, and a promise of a better life

Fighting gender inequality in Peru and working for a better world

App offers Cameroonian farmers critical weather info to survive climate fluctuations

Gender equality website provides a tool to ‘change minds and behaviours’ in Honduras

Women, mothers become ‘agents of community transformation’ in Cameroon

Q&A with Cuso's new CEO

Colombian project opens doors to better opportunities for LGBTQI+ youth

Confidence, strength grow with greater access to education

Strong women leaders give young girls a voice in Cameroon

Congolese women strengthen their digital skills to fight online violence

Honduran women cast their nets, find their place in fishing industry

Knowledge-sharing, education key to ending child marriage in Cameroon

#IamCuso: Sara Shuster Ghana (1983-1985)

Community led solutions in northern Canada

Building cultural bridges between rural Peru and the world

Growing beans and mango – and better livelihoods for Tanzanian women and youth

In Cali, Colombia, a new venture sparks hope

Education as a means of fighting FGM

Together, we’ve been creating brighter futures since 1961

Feminist school encourages Peruvian women into politics

Seeing Cameroon in a new light

Richard, Oliver, and Phillip’s Journey

#IamCuso: Colin McNairn

Maria, a modern-day heroine

A father’s hope and newfound opportunity

Creating equal access to education in Ethiopia

In DRC, accessible water wells are saving lives

Easing the burden of survival

Breaking Down Barriers

Helping in the Age of COVID-19

Building a new life

Embracing the rich culture and resilient communities in Canada’s north

Turning upcycling into much more

Promoting hiring practices that support the most vulnerable

Making Mireille’s dream a reality

Compassion, patience and support – the role of midwives 

Coffee – a giver of life 

#IamCuso: Patricia Perez-Coutts

16 Days of Activism Against Gender Based Violence

Unprecedented achievement in Colombian women’s rights

#IamCuso: Kathleen

Refill Not Landfill: Businesses in Laos reducing plastic consumption

An opportunity that opened doors

We will stop it: Meet the women of northern Benin working to end female genital mutilation

Perspectives: Amanda Klassen -- Stronger than a super typhoon

The youth of Las Gardenias

Q+A: Lois Boody

Cultivating independence in Benin

Women farmers discover world of possibilities in Nigeria

From dream to reality: helping small business owners thrive in Colombia

Breaking tradition: How an Indigenous women’s organization is shaping the future of Myanmar

Strength in numbers: The fight for women’s rights in Peru

Q&A: With David Forest, Head of Programs, Africa

Compassion in the time of COVID-19

Flattening the curve in Cameroon

Fast funds supporting women, families in Peru

Sharing skills, building futures: The Cookes

Q+A: Brian Atkinson

FlashBack: Catalyst Summer 2020

AlumNotes: Catalyst Summer 2020

Harvesting food security in Honduras

‘We are people who take care of people’

Labour of love

Helping young students in Jamaica see better to learn better

Growing opportunity in the face of COVID-19 with climate smart villages

Commitment to human dignity for all doesn’t stop now

Parents and practitioners see positive changes in maternal care

Compassion in the time of COVID-19

Micro-entrepreneurs, big market gains

If knowledge is power, then what?

What is gender-based violence? Gender expert Sarah Pentlow breaks it down

‘They become my family’: how rural ecotourism is changing lives in Andean communities

Women engaged for human dignity in northern Benin

Building a system for success in Ethiopia

Advancing women’s rights in Peru: ‘Together, all our voices are stronger’

The true measure of success

To solve the climate crisis a power shift is needed

Training the next generation of midwives

Cuso Challenge is the perfect opportunity to give back

A Helping Hand for Health Care in Tanzania

Cooking up positive change in Myanmar

Growing a successful business in Bolivia: Indigenous women entrepreneurs turning plants into profits

There’s an app for that: women farmers build climate resilience

Saving the lives of Ethiopian moms and babies

Tackling climate change in Colombia

Women's voices make a difference

Leading the way

#IamCuso Volunteer of the Week: Nicholas Mangozho

#IamCuso Volunteer of the Week: Sharleen and Gerry Moodie

Happy 58th Birthday, Cuso International!

Meet the Midwives: Emmanuel Nicus Nyagor

A Designer’s Dream: Collaborating with Women Weavers of BANIG

Meet the Midwives: Dina Kamata

We won’t stop talking

A trek that changes lives — Mission accomplished

To achieve gender equality, it will take a village

Volunteer to End Violence

Expectations Vs. Reality

Education to Serve Communities

Making a mark: volunteer’s work on climate change recognized by UN

Young women are breaking barriers with YouLead

Stronger Together: Umoja partnership creates unity among midwives

‘It gives me joy’: a radio show is changing lives in Cameroon

Machu Picchu hike a life-changing experience

The drive to succeed: supporting students in the Northwest Territories

New ideas: helping Philippine farmers thrive

Doctors in Ethiopia save young boy with malaria

A fruitful exchange in Colombia

Combatting violence against pregnant women

When once isn’t enough

Living proof: female students are leading the charge on gender equity in Ethiopia

On a mission: advancing women’s rights in Myanmar

Young entrepreneurs soar with YouLead

Access to maternal care is saving lives

Post secondary students engage in real-world research practices with Cuso International

Women’s agricultural co-op reaping benefits in Cameroon

Shifting attitudes in a male-dominated culture

Novel approach reaps results for Cameroon farmers

Creating brighter futures for single mothers in Honduras

Volunteering in Northern Canada

Diaspora Volunteer Helps Transform Young Women’s Organization

Saving Up for a Brighter Future in Peru

Working Alongside Honduran Indigenous Communities to Support Women’s Rights

Supporting Ongoing Typhoon Haiyan Recovery in the Philippines

Politically Activating Honduran Youth

How a Passion for Birding Inspired One Canadian Volunteer in Guyana

Opening Doors to Eco-tourism, Income and Lasting Change

Giving Jamaican Youth the Chance to Thrive

Rosa’s Path Out of Poverty

Helping Rosibel Find Her Voice

Nigerian youth are creating a brighter future

Myths of Violence Against Women – In Canada and Myanmar

Canadian Lawyer Volunteers in Myanmar

Making work safer in Guyana

From Weapons To Websites

A Farm That’s Changing Lives

Dulce: A Story of Dedication and Passion

Filipino Canadian’s Volunteer Advises Her Community: You Can Do It!

Guyanese Youth Rebuilding the Caribbean’s Fruit Basket

Volunteering Helps Guyanese-Canadian Keep Ties To Guyana

A Grandmother Improves Life For Her Grandchildren

Ending Violence Against Women in Peru

Women's Rights In Peru

From a Grain of Rice to a Mountain of Possibility

Improving Health Care for Pelida and Her Family

The Next Generation of Leaders in Cameroon

BC Government Employee Volunteers Skills Helping Youth in Jamaica

Empowering Change – One Person at a Time

Running Water, Running Internet

Roots, The Peru Edition

Living Well at St-Camille

Finding Her Culture and Her Self in Jamaica

Returning Home to Myanmar With Her Skills... and Her Husband!

Canadian Intern in Nicaragua

Teaching English in Laos

International Women’s Day: Volunteer Improving the Lives of Women Around the World

Driven by Passion

From Toronto to Tanzania

Inspiring Mentorship in Myanmar

Resolving to Forge an International Career Path

Supporting Women in Myanmar

Making a Difference

Giving Back Through International Volunteering

Sustainability Network

Changing Your Frame of Reference Transforms the Way You See the World

The Volunteer Who Put Plenty In But Got Even More Out Of It

Tackling the Caribbean's Highest Youth Unemployment Rate

Mobilizing Canadian interns, e-mentors and ICT to support international development efforts

E-volunteering: virtual teams making a real difference

Good Globalization

Volunteering in the Tropical Forests of Cameroon

Using Theatre to Keep Kids Off the Streets in El Salvador

How Bees are Changing Lives in Nicaragua

A Shining Example of Development in Action

From Subsistence to Sales: Economic Growth in Peru

Where Generations Meet

Return for Investment in Guyana

A Mountain of Opportunity in Jamaica

Unlocking Understanding of Mental Health Stigmas

Giving back to Guyana

Community Impact 2.0

Constructing Your Life Project

Supporting the Leaders of Tomorrow

Boosting Corporate Social Responsibility

The Chicken And The Micro-Enterprise Egg

A Forest For The Trees

No More Needless Deaths

International Tourists. Local Jobs.

Giving Voice To The Silenced

Giving Child Victims Their Day In Court

Promise Made, Promise Kept

Hope For A Better Future Begins With An Education

Viewing HIV/AIDS In A New Light

Victims No More

Pathways to success

Cuso International recognized for creating diverse, inclusive workforce