FGM is a violation of a woman's human rights.
FGM is a violation of a woman's human rights.
FGM is a violation of a woman's human rights.
Skills to share. Futures to build.
Together, we can create brighter futures
Skills to share. Futures to build.
Together, we can create brighter futures
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For nearly 60 years, Cuso has connected communities
around the world with skilled Canadians to help end poverty. 


As countries around the world combat the spread of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), Cuso is working to ensure the health and safety of our volunteers, staff, partners, and beneficiaries.
Learn more about how Cuso is responding.

Labour of love

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, babies continue being born every day, making maternal care an essential service. Learn more about how Fatuma received training to monitor maternal and child health within her village.

Growing opportunity

Access to climate-resilient resources is more critical than ever for women farmers as they battle climate change and COVID-19. Learn more about how a new farming technique is helping them navigate through challenging times.

Advocating for equality

Women are at greater risk of violence during the global COVID-19 pandemic. Learn more about how Julia is advocating for women’s rights and freedom from violence in Peru.

Cooking up hope

COVID-19 is closing dining rooms around the world, but restaurants still play a vital role in communities. Learn more about how marketing skills shared with staff will be key for this women-run restaurant in Myanmar.

Harvesting security

Women are disproportionately impacted by the global COVID-19 crisis. Learn more about how Teresa is sharing her knowledge and skills to help other women gain food security and financial stability in Honduras.

Our Impact by the Numbers

For nearly 60 years, Cuso International has worked with over 15,000 volunteers in more than 100 countries to create opportunity, security and dignity for people in need—especially women and girls.

In the last year alone:

21 Countries


people have benefited from Cuso International programs and partnerships.

17,086 staff, partners, volunteers and donors


staff, partners, volunteers and donors have worked together to make a difference.

72% of beneficiaries


of beneficiaries were women and children, the most vulnerable members of society.


"These women taught me more about building resilience and perseverance than ever before. It was truly a gift to experience their resourcefulness and vibrant attitudes. Now I truly believe nothing can stop me from moving forward, with the right attitude."

-Amanda Klassen, Cuso volunteer and Business Development Speciality in the Philippines working with social enterprise supporting the livelihoods of rural women weavers.

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