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Feel inspired. Get creative. Make change happen.

Do your part to end poverty and have fun doing it!

Join our worldwide team of change-makers and turn your passion into action. When you create your own event you are helping reduce poverty and inequality for women and girls around the world.

Ways you can fundraise

Customize your own unique experience to raise funds for what you believe in.

Help a Cuso International volunteer, who will be heading into their placement, to reach their fundraising goal.

This year why not ask your friends and family to donate to Cuso International instead of buying you a gift?

Share your passion for Cuso International with the people closest to you by hosting a dinner and raising funds for a cause you believe in.

You can do ANYTHING to end poverty!

Peter and Debra pay it forward

Peter and Debra have found various creative ways to raise funds and continue the good work they began as volunteers first in Tanzania in 2011 and most recently in Myanmar in 2018. From bake sales at their local farmers’ market to barbecues at their local Scotiabank branch, they continue to be instrumental supporters. Their favourite fundraiser to date was a trivia night hosted in their home. “We served our homemade beverages and snacks, and each contestant contributed twenty dollars. This evening was a lot of fun!”

Little Firefly - Creating a brighter future

Little Firefly was created by Jayda, a Grade 12 student, in the summer of 2020 with a simple desire to help people connect and share some joy during a global pandemic. “I wanted to use my artistic passion to care for others, support people who may need a virtual hug, and put a smile on someone’s face,” says Jayda. “Through my greeting cards, I look to create a brighter world. A world of connectivity and inclusivity.” Aligning her philanthropic heart with Cuso International’s commitment to creating a global future free from poverty and inequality Jayda is donating 15% of every card sold (excluding the COVID-19 Collection) to Cuso International. If you are interested in supporting Cuso by ordering cards please go to

We are here to support you every step of the way

Interested in hosting an event and raising funds for Cuso International? Fill out our fundraising inquiry form or contact Amie toll-free at +1.888.434.2876 ext. 245 or by email at