Inclusive and Sustainable Development for Vulnerable Populations (ISED-VP)

Inclusive and Sustainable Development for Vulnerable Populations

Since 2019, Inclusive and Sustainable Development for Vulnerable Populations (ISED-VP) has had one goal: to increase access to income-generating opportunities for the most marginalised communities, specifically people living with disabilities (PLWDs), in the Dry Corridor in Honduras. 

ISED-VP provides business training to PLWDs to start collective micro and small enterprises (MSEs) to address food security issues and provide a source of income for families. The creation of hundreds of micro and small enterprises across the Dry Corridor has stimulated food production and created new forms of employment in the communities. To address the impact of climate change, entrepreneurs also receive technical training on how to mitigate the effects of climate change while promoting sustainable natural resource management. Finally, ISED-VP uses a human rights-based approach that ensures participants understand and exercise their basic human, social, and economic rights. 

CBM International and the World Food Programme (WFP) in Honduras have continued to invest in ISED-VP to expand the scope of activities and increase the number of participants. 


Food security


Breaking down barriers

Breaking Down Barriers

Karen Guadalupe Izaguirre is a teacher who works in an educational centre in Catacamas, Honduras. She is also a mom to two beautiful daughters, Alejandra and Alexa. As a teacher, she has seen first hand the limited resources for children with special needs.

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