Sustainable Colombian Opportunities for Peacebuilding and Employment (SCOPE)


For nine years, SCOPE has provided women, youth, victims of conflict, and Venezuelan migrants in Colombia, Ecuador, and Peru with employment and entrepreneurship training to access sustainable income-generating opportunities. 

To create safer and more inclusive work environments for marginalized groups, SCOPE designed the Inclusive Route, an innovative toolkit that provides gender equality and social inclusion training to more than 500,000 employees in Colombia. SCOPE also works with local governments to strengthen their capacity to design more inclusive employment policies and programs that address the barriers marginalized groups face in accessing economic opportunities. 

To date, SCOPE has trained almost 20,000 people (60 per cent women) and linked more than 11,500 people to decent employment in Colombia, Ecuador and Peru. Recognizing the success of the SCOPE model, the United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) and the World Food Programme (WFP) in Colombia have continued to invest in SCOPE to expand the scope of activities and increase the number of participants. 


Immigrant Venezuelan

Becoming an immigrant entrepreneur in Ecuador

The ongoing political conflict in Venezuela has displaced millions of people, including Mirna Olimpia Leal Ramos, who moved to Ecuador with her three adult children after her husband died.

Gaining the right tools to grow a prosperous business

The ongoing political conflict in Venezuela has displaced millions of people, including Nidia Ramona and Carlos C√°ceres, who arrived in Lima, Peru as migrants in 2017.

Alex Castro Colombia

Colombian project opens doors to better opportunities for LGBTQI+ youth

When Alex Castro was young, he often accompanied his father to job sites in Cali, Colombia, where he would watch intently as his father laid the foundation of a house, renovated a kitchen, or worked on revitalizing a client’s back garden.

Invest in inclusion

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