Donate Your Stocks or Securities

Helping create a better world is the most meaningful investment you can make.

Why you should donate stocks or securities

We connect communities in need with skilled Canadians to create lasting impact. When you make a gift of securities to Cuso International, you ensure this life-changing work continues.

By donating stocks or securities to Cuso International, you will not be taxed for capital gains, you'll pay less income tax and you'll receive a charitable tax receipt for the full market value of your donated asset.

Eligibility and excellent tax benefits

Stocks (shares), bonds, warrants and units in mutual funds that are traded on Canadian, American and/or major international exchanges.

For the purpose of a charitable tax receipt, valuation is calculated at the close of trading on the date the securities are received in Cuso International's account.

Obtain maximum tax benefits by transferring your securities directly to Cuso International (as opposed to selling them and donating the cash proceeds, which will net you fewer benefits).

Three simple steps

1. Advise Cuso International

Let us know what you intend to donate and we will track the transaction throughout the process.

2. Transfer Securities

If the securities are held in your broker’s account, notify your broker using this securities transfer form to authorize an electronic transfer to Cuso International. If you hold a physical stock certificate, you will need to initiate the transfer.

3. Tax Receipt

We will issue you a charitable tax receipt once we receive the value of the securities.

Paying it forward with securities

"We love knowing there is progress being made to improve the lives of individuals everywhere. We believe everyone, regardless of where they were born, deserves a life free of poverty. We like how Cuso International works shoulder to shoulder with local partners to build skills for the long term. Giving through securities is a great way to support this work. It allows us to maximize the tax benefit by getting a deduction for the full amount while avoiding a charge for the capital gain. By donating our securities, we can donate more for the same net cost, and the process is incredibly simple and straightforward.” - Karen and Jonathan

We are here to support you every step of the way.

We understand this is a big decision. We are here to discuss it with you before making a commitment and you’re in no way obligated to continue the journey. A friendly conversation is simply a first step—one we hope you’ll take today. Please contact Nicole Burgess toll-free at 1.888.434.2876 ext. 205 or by email at