Talents Pluriels

Talent Pluriels

Talents Pluriels was launched in the Democratic Republic of Congo in 2022. The project based on elements of the very successful Sustainable Colombian Opportunities for Peacebuilding and Employment (SCOPE) inclusive employment model. It helps to create decent, safe, and inclusive jobs and entrepreneurship opportunities for LGBTQ2I young people, many of whom regularly face discrimination, isolation and/or violence.

To address and challenge traditional norms and attitudes, the project also provides training for young people, families, employers, and communities to create safe and inclusive environments that promote diversity, respect, and understanding of individuality and gender differences. Like the SCOPE project, employers are also trained to design and adopt inclusive recruitment and hiring practices, particularly for the LGBTQ2I community. 

By promoting acceptance and understanding within communities, LGBTQ2I young people and other marginalized groups of young people will have the means to flourish and succeed as independent members of society. 


A young African man in a striped t-shirt sitting at a computer and smiling at the camera

Advocating for the LGBTQ2I community in the DRC

From a young age, Scaly KEP’NA struggled with his sexuality.

Growing up in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) was difficult. Although the central African country has made progress toward accepting some LGBTQ2I rights, homophobia and intolerance towards the queer community still run rampant.

AFEMA and RAINBOW Women's Rights Day celebrations

On March 8, 2024, Cuso International local partners AFEMA and RAINBOW celebrated Women's Rights Day in Bukavu.

The event highlighted the crucial importance of gender equality and the challenges facing women and girls, including poverty, geopolitical conflict, climate catastrophe and pandemic disease.

AFEMA-RDC and RAINBOW, in collaboration with Cuso International and other partners, carried out various activities to mark this special day. These included preparatory meetings, the production of awareness-raising materials such as banners, and participation in the International Women's Day Peace March.

The celebration also highlighted the need to combat the discrimination and violence suffered by homosexual and transgender women. By raising community awareness of gender diversity, we can reduce violence and create a more inclusive environment.

This year's theme, "Investing in women: accelerating the pace," encourages us to accelerate the achievement of gender equality and the empowerment of all women and girls by addressing poverty, strengthening institutions and financing with a gender perspective.

The national theme was increasing resources for women and girls in peace for a parity Congo. It was an opportunity for RSM to show its progress in social inclusion of LGBTQI and Inclusion and gender diversity in DRC.

The event helped improve public understanding of the vital role women have in the peace process, through the elimination of violence against women and the promotion of economic activities leading to improved well-being and social equity.

Cuso International Via its implementing partner AFEMA Bukavu-DRC - Talents Pluriels

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