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Together with our partners we’re solving problems, creating solutions and building a more prosperous and inclusive world for all.

Why Cuso International?

Because Cuso International is focused on the long-term. We work with others to create opportunity by delivering resources and sharing the skills needed to thrive. When women, girls and youth are uplifted, their families and communities prosper too. They become the change-makers and mentors, sharing their new skills and knowledge with others. The impact of our work doesn’t stop when our projects come to an end. It continues to grow.

Sharing skills for better futures: ‘The Cuso International Effect’

We know that change starts with sharing what you know. That’s why we’ve been sharing the skills needed to create long-lasting change for over 60 years and counting. Generations of people in more than 100 countries have benefited from training, mentoring and support to hone their skills. In turn, they become the mentors—training and supporting countless others.

“I signed up and I followed the training for one year and six months. After my training I decided not to work for anyone. I want to be independent.”

Nadette is saving for her own plot of land thanks to an agricultural training program in Porto Nuevo, Benin and she's inspiring other young women to take up the challenge.

Where Cuso International works

We reach millions of people through our programs in Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean as well as Northern Canada.

Cuso International staff, volunteers and partners are currently working in:

Benin, Cameroon, Canada (Northwest Territories), Colombia, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Dominica, Ethiopia, Grenada, Honduras, Jamaica, Nigeria, Peru, St. Lucia, St. Vincent and the Grenadines and Tanzania.

Where we work - Cuso International

Explore our focus areas

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Strengthen gender equality and social inclusion

We’re actively addressing inequality, injustice, and marginalization in the pursuit of equality.

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Improve economic resilience through sustainable solutions

We’re engaging in partnerships that support marginalized people and communities to overcome poverty and inequality.

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Advance climate action

We’re promoting, advocating, innovating, and partnering for inclusive and effective climate action.