Young entrepreneurs soar with YouLead


Woman with chickens

For many young entrepreneurs, a lack of technical expertise is keeping their start-ups from getting off the ground.

Poultry farmer Mercy Ushie was suffering significant livestock losses before her brother introduced her to YouLead. Now, thanks to business development and technical training classes, her farm is thriving.

Midwife, Thethe Lukusa

“I learned how to breed birds, how to give them vaccines and many other things I didn’t know before,” said Mercy, who lives in Bekwarra, Cross River State, Nigeria.

Armed with the new information she bought 50 birds and only lost three. The young woman has been able to increase her flock and grow her income.

“I sold them all off at a profit,” Mercy said. “I then restocked with 100 birds, from which I lost just five.”

Mercy also learned environmentally responsive and profitable practices. Like many poultry farmers, she had problems with waste disposal. Now, she bags and sells the remnants to crop farmers to use as manure.

“Once I get enough money I plan to increase my pen,” she said. “I want it to have the capacity to house 500 birds or more by December.”