Easing the burden of survival



The Ambazonia war (often referred to as the crisis in Cameroon), is a conflict in Southern Cameroon that has caused thousands of individuals to flee their homeland in search of asylum in neighbouring Nigeria. Individuals like 18-year-old Iyali who shared her story of displacement, struggle, and opportunity. 

“Growing up in Cameroon, there were both great and not so great experiences,” says Iyali. “The current crisis in Cameroon has caused us to run away from our own country. A lot of people have lost their lives, schools have been shut down. When we left, many lost their means of survival; people lost their businesses and jobs. Without programs and support, a lot of families would have suffered.”  

In Cameroon, women and girls are traditionally involved in the domestic aspects of the family. They oversee the household with regards to cooking, cleaning and generally taking care of the home. It leaves them relatively powerless and dependent with little autonomy. “I hope that in the future women in Cameroon will realize that they can do much more for themselves and that their future can be greater than just concentrating on the domestic aspects of their lives,” says Iyali. “A lot has changed. Before, I was always idle but now, there is something to look forward to daily. I am doing what I love while learning in the process.” 

Iyali currently participates in Cuso International’s SKILLS program at a Youth Resource Centre that provides training in digital literacy to equip young people with Information and Communications Technology skills. Funded by the UNHCR and implemented by Cuso International in Cross River, Benue and Taraba States in Nigeria, SKILLS aims to improve the protection and assistance of targeted Refugees like Iyali. Both a place of security and opportunity, these centres provide basic theoretical and practical training that improve opportunities for employment so that women like Iyali can successfully build lives for themselves and their families. It provides hope to many who thought hope was no longer available. “Thanks to this program, many people, including myself have been able to receive much-needed support that has helped in easing the burden of survival,” says Iyali. “I have a passion for technology and Cuso International is helping me turn that passion into practical experience.”     

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