Dulce: A Story of Dedication and Passion


Woman smiling

Dulce María Aguilar Ulloa first became involved with Cuso International in 2013 and has continued to be a dedicated volunteer to this day.

The now 29-year-old from Costa Rica began working with Cuso International while studying International Relations. With an interest in gender relations and a passion for women’s rights, Dulce became a south-south volunteer in Bolivia, where she developed a gender strategy and trained volunteers on gender issues.

But she didn’t stop there. In 2014, she travelled to Honduras where she conducted research on youth employment with Cuso International partners.
After these two placements, Dulce still felt there was more she could contribute as a volunteer. So, in May 2014, she packed her bags again and went back to Bolivia.

“I returned to Bolivia with Cuso International, during which time I authored a book entitled “I am a volunteer, Bolivian women changing the world,” which brings visibility to the contribution of women volunteers within society,” she said.

This was just one of the many contributions Dulce has made during her multiple volunteer placements. She also developed the Cuso International Bolivia Gender Equality Strategy, provided training for Cuso International staff in Bolivia, among so many other projects.

Dulce said her time volunteering with Cuso International has been an experience of personal growth.

“As a professional, I shared my knowledge, strengthened my skills and abilities, exchanged experiences and learned about new cultures and realities of women’s groups,” she said.

“I encourage all women and young people to take on this challenge and travel to other countries to contribute with their skills and explore new and enriching life experiences.”

Dulce continues to make a difference as a Cuso International volunteer. As recently as this summer, she was involved in the World Social Forum in Montreal.

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