Making a Difference


Three people, one in donkey costume

Maxim applied to become a Cuso International volunteer because he wanted to make a difference.

“I wanted to work in a dynamic environment, exchange experiences with others, and learn in the process, all the while giving my small contribution to making the world a better place for future generations,” he said.

His professional experience with a youth employment centre and education in psychology, criminology and intercultural cooperation led him to work with the partner organization, Centro de Jóvenes y Empleo de Sucre (officially Fundación Fautapo).

“I already knew the Bolivian culture and loved it,” he said. “I definitely wanted to contribute to giving this population all the opportunities they deserve to build the society they want.”

During his placement, Maxim was involved in everything from communication to monitoring and evaluation to gender equity, and much more.

Working closely with the centre’s team, Maxim helped to build training modules for the staff and volunteers at the partner organization.

“I tried to put more energy in work that would outlast my presence there, and keep helping more youth find good and satisfying jobs.”

For Maxim, the most rewarding part of his placement was meeting and working with different people.

“I have enjoyed learning from them, understanding them and being able to help them. In my experience, I have built friendships that will last a lifetime and that continue to make me a better person every day,” he said.

As a Cuso International volunteer, Maxim’s work changed the community for the better. But that change went both ways.

He said, “I feel my time in Bolivia has changed me for the better and I am now advancing in my life with more purpose as well as more tools to help me achieve my goals.”