Cuso Challenge is the perfect opportunity to give back


Woman walking by the ocean carrying hiking pack

By Christine Beaudry
Randstad Canada 

In March 2020, I‚Äôm¬†embarking on a nine-day¬†adventure¬†to the ancient ruins of Machu Picchu in support of Cuso International‚ÄĒan¬†amazing¬†organization that aims to eradicate poverty and inequality.¬†¬†

I heard about the Cuso Challenge through Randstad Canada, and immediately knew I had to sign up. I’m so proud to work for a company that believes in the importance of corporate social responsibility. Cuso and Randstad have been partners for more than a decade and dozens of Randstad staff have volunteered on long-term placements with Cuso. 

Christine Beaudry

Although I can’t personally take on a long-term placement at the moment, the Cuso Challenge is the perfect opportunity for me to contribute and give back in a meaningful way.  

I‚Äôve challenged myself to¬†fundraise¬†for Cuso because I know these funds are used effectively.¬†All the proceeds¬†will help¬†Peruvian¬†women, girls and youth develop their skills,¬†participate fully in society¬†and strengthen their traditional way of life.‚ÄĮ¬†

The best part‚ÄĒI don‚Äôt have to worry about carrying a heavy backpack, setting up camp or¬†lugging cooking materials! This¬†bucket list adventure is¬†fully supported,¬†and¬†I know¬†it will be¬†the¬†trip of a lifetime.¬†¬†

I’m joining dozens of other Canadians on this Trek for Good and I’d love to have you join me! 

Learn more about how you can sign up for this adventure of a lifetime or contact Amie Gibson at 1-888-434-2876 ext. 245 or