#IamCuso: Dr. Maria Johnson Sallah, Tanzania


#IamCuso-Dr. Maria Johnson Salah, Tanzania
#iamCuso_Dr. Maria

#iamCuso_Dr. Maria

“#IamCuso because I enjoy reaching out to the community and meeting their needs sharing my knowledge and experience. I long to see girls who have been affected by gender-based violence overcome their past and able to achieve their dreams through the skills that I am able to share. My favourite part of volunteering has been seeing someone with new hope, a new belief in themselves and new focus on their future. When a person literally starts living their life once again. Cuso International has given me this opportunity on an almost a daily basis.”

Dr. Maria Johnson Sallah has been volunteering as a biology teacher with the AGAPE Knowledge Open School (AKOS) program and is supporting the girl’s health through counselling.

“I am most proud of the comprehensive video learning tools that have been developed. They will continue to have an impact on the students even when I am no longer with them.”