#IamCuso: Sara Shuster Ghana (1983-1985)


Ghana 1983

Volunteering in Ghana as a nurse in two different small, rural communities, in both a hospital setting and outpatient clinic my responsibilities included direct nursing care, health education, health promotion and some administration.

My favourite part of working with Cuso International was the opportunity to travel and live in a country so very different from my own. I treasure the many conversations I had with local nurses learning about their lives and sharing stories about our common experiences and challenges.

The biggest impact for me has been my own personal growth. It was a privilege to work with a variety of local staff and other Cuso International volunteers in delivering basic health care to members of the community. I gained important insight into the challenges that the local people face and also to the strengths and skills they have to offer. I learned so much from the experience and I continually make efforts to apply those lessons in my current life and work.

#IamCuso because I believe the organization strives to build capacity with individuals, communities and partners in a way that is mutually beneficial.