A pursuit in public health and giving back


Connie Nunn - Cuso International Volunteer

When Connie Nunn was in high school, she knew she wanted to help improve people’s health around the world. Wanting to pursue a career in public health, Connie went to university for nursing.

She worked with children in Montreal for five years, but in 1980 Connie started her first of many experiences working internationally by volunteering with Cuso International in Sierra Leone.

“There was something intriguing about going somewhere and doing something completely different,” she said.

Within a week of her posting, she was joining local nurses to help teach midwives at a local village. This included sharing information and printed booklets that spanned a variety of topics. For example, reasons to refer a pregnant woman to the hospital for delivery, which could include if she has had more than five children, if she has had a cesarean section before, or if she is bleeding.

Along with her fellow volunteers, Connie was helping grow a public health program, discussing topics like vaccinations and rehydration. She knew then that this was what she wanted to be doing.

“You could see that something was happening, that you were doing something,” said Connie.

Connie returned to Canada for a few years, but as for many volunteers, the experience abroad changed how she saw the world. It wasn’t long before she found herself going back to working internationally, which she continued to do for another 20 years.

All these years later Connie continues to support Cuso International’s approach and the work the organization does, including by leaving a gift in her Will.

“The idea of supporting people where they are and working within the situation to develop the solution, whether you’re working in agriculture or women’s economic development. It’s that working in a way that hopes to see things differently in the future,” said Connie.

To learn more about how you too can continue to play a vital role in Cuso International’s mission by leaving a gift in your Will, please contact Nicole Burgess, Associate Director, Philanthropy and Engagement.

Phone (toll free): 1-888-434-2876 x 205

Email: nicole.burgess@cusointernational.org

You too can take action and leave a legacy for generations to come.