From Weapons To Websites


Man in front of small shop

Jefferson Ángulo felt the pressure immediately after he finished serving in the Colombian army. Young men like him, who know how to handle weapons, were often approached by gangs and armed groups to fight in Colombia’s decades-long civil war. But Jefferson refused to be steered towards a life of endless violence and volatility.

Instead, he channeled his energy towards starting his own peaceful business that fosters learning and communication: an internet café.

After the café had been open for over a year, Jefferson realized he needed formal skills to run the business properly. That’s when he registered for the Management Course for Small Businesses offered by Cuso International.

“Before starting the training, I had no schedule, I just opened the business whenever I could,” he recalled. “Now I organize everything the night before to start the work day on time.”

Thanks to support from people like you, Jefferson has the knowledge and confidence to continue building his thriving business. In the future, he hopes to hire staff and help others follow in his footsteps towards gainful employment, prosperity and peace.

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