#IamCuso: Patricia Perez-Coutts


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As Chair of the Cuso International Board of Directors, Patricia Perez-Coutts leads our goal of realizing and advancing Cuso International’s vision and mission to alleviate poverty. 

I believe in the long-lasting impact of volunteering in order to transfer valuable educational, professional, emotional and empowering life skills to those in need and in vulnerable situations. 

In Peru, I have witnessed first-hand how women, (one of the most vulnerable members of this community), have suffered deeply because of violence and stigma. This problem is not exclusive to Peru. Ending violence against women and the stigma associated with it demands a great deal of attention across many developing nations. I believe that when we empower women, those around her, both women and men also become empowered, allowing for the cycle of poverty and neglect to end. 

One of the most rewarding outcomes of our work as board members has been the ability Cuso International, our partners and our staff have demonstrated to adapt to the challenging circumstances presented by COVID 19. Our commitment to financial discipline during this time is also something we are incredibly proud of. Both outcomes have allowed Cuso International to continue our valuable work in favour of those in need across more than a dozen countries around the world. 

Help us continue our mission of eradicating poverty and inequality by donating to Cuso International. You will feel rewarded, trust me!