Our commitment to you.

At Cuso International, we work hard to be fiscally responsible with your donations. 89% of our funds are spent on direct development programming, with 7% going to administration, and 4% going to fundraising costs.

This ratio compares favourably to other cost-effective international development non-profits.


Every dollar donated to Cuso International is matched 6 times, thanks to our generous funders. So, for example, your gift of $25 becomes $175 or your gift of $100 becomes $700.

This past year, our programs reached more than 4.5 million women, children, youth and men through the power of people—through hundreds of Canadian volunteers sharing their skills and their time.

The generosity of our donors made it possible for 225 volunteers in 20 countries to create lasting change.

Donation Financials

Here are just a few examples of donor support in action this past year:

  • Touched more than 3,122,768 lives through our Midwives Save Lives program, contributed more than 262 months of volunteer time and trained 484 midwives in our four targeted countries. As Thethe Lukusa, a Professor and member of the Congolese Midwifery Society of Practice said, “I am motived to put into practice what we learned, and to save lives.”
  • Improved the livelihoods of women and girls in the Democratic Republic of Congo by training local farmers so they can enhance the quality of their crops, resulting in more income for their families
  • Enabled investment in gender research and psychosocial service delivery so Honduran women and girls have access to workshops and tools and are better equipped to advocate for themselves on gender related issues
  • Expanded our Canadian Program in the Beaufort-Delta, Decho, Tlicho, and South Slave regions of the Northwest Territories, adding four schools where our volunteers enable Northern Distance Learning academic instruction, as well as extracurricular activities in music, sport and computer science

We have also engaged thousands of Canadians in our work by sharing Cuso International’s mission and vision and supporting Canada’s strong role in international development.

To learn more about how your donation is helping to make sustainable change possible around the world, download our latest annual report and financial statements.

Stories of impact