Sustainable and Resilient Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship capacity building to increase resilience and food security of potential migrants and returnees

Sustainable and resilient entrepreneurship

In collaboration with local communities, Sustainable and Resilient Entrepreneurship aims to improve access to resilient livelihoods, mitigating the impact of COVID-19 and climate change on families in five municipalities of La Paz and Valle. Focusing on local producers and entrepreneurs, we build entrepreneurial capacities while integrating risk management, resilience, and climate change adaptation. Together, we build stronger communities that are better prepared to face these challenges. 

We also prioritise women's empowerment by improving their access to financial self-management. By creating and strengthening self-saving groups and solidarity lending, women actively participate in decision-making processes that affect their families and communities. By fostering financial independence and autonomy, we promote a more equitable and inclusive society. 

Our approach is based on sustainable community development and upholds women's participation, gender equality, and inclusion as fundamental human rights. We believe that by empowering women we create lasting social change that benefits everyone. 


LA PAZ - Santos María Gómez3

Strengthening entrepreneurial knowledge for women in Honduras

María Gómez Ándres has a path of flowers growing outside her house that she enjoys taking care of. Nearby is a river where she can swim and cool off from the hot weather. She works hard in agriculture to help support her seven children but faced barriers due to her limited education.

Women in Honduras grow agricultural and entrepreneurial knowledge

Living in a hot climate such as Palagua, Honduras has many challenges. This is especially true for those who work in agriculture, as the dry region and summer winds sometimes damage crops. But Maria Kenia Garcia Gómez sees beauty and opportunities in the environment and community around her.

Women in Honduras grow agricultural and entrepreneurial knowledge
Aleida García Gómez - Strengthening capacities and participation of women in Honduras

Strengthening capacities and participation of women in Honduras

The financial inclusion of women benefits everyone in a community. Aleida Garcia Gomez has seen first-hand how women can support one another to improve access to resources and actively participate in their communities.

Invest in women and girls

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