What if, together, we could change the world?

We can, and with your help, we will. Right now every dollar you donate will be matched 6x by Global Affairs Canada. Don’t miss this opportunity to make your dollar go the distance where it matters most.

Luzmila and Friends

What if...

At this time of year, it’s natural to look back on the months gone by. But at Cuso International, our eyes are fixed firmly on the future. We’re asking big questions and dreaming big dreams of a world in which gender equality isn’t some far-off what-if, but a daily reality for everyone, everywhere. We know it’s possible—and with your help, we can make it happen.

It’s clear: investing in women has exponential returns.

When women and girls are able to participate fully in society, there are ripple effects within their communities and across generations. That means your gift’s impact will be both far-reaching and long-lasting. And with the 6x Global Affairs Canada match, the impact of your donation will be amplified even more.