Strategic Priorities

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Our three strategic priorities will guide our work toward achieving our strategic goal. We hold ourselves account- able to make progress in all of these areas, both in the programs we support and across our internal organizational processes.

STRATEGIC PRIORITY #1: Strengthen gender equality and social inclusion

We commit to grow as a feminist organization. Promoting gender equality using a feminist approach is at the heart of our values for more equal and just societies. This means we actively address inequality, injustice, and marginalization in the pursuit of equality. It is also about non-discrimination, not only for women and girls, but also for other marginalized groups such as LGBTQI+ and people with disabilities, migrants, and refugees. Our programming approaches will promote gender equality and fuller development, prioritizing gender-transformative approaches* wherever possible. This will also involve meaningful participation from more privileged groups and those with power to advocate for and support women and marginalized people in their communities.

STRATEGIC PRIORITY #2: Improve economic resilience through sustainable solutions

Central to our work is our commitment to engage and nurture partnerships that support marginalized people and communities to overcome poverty and inequality by enabling access to fair and decent employment and by improving existing jobs. Our objective is to see improved socio-economic integration and a significant reduction in poverty and inequality in the communities we serve, ensuring a dignified way of living for all.

As we work to support economic integration for marginalized groups, we recognize the growing needs of populations facing involuntary displacement due to conflict, climate change, or social, economic, and environmental injustice. Our work will increasingly focus on supporting economic opportunities and decent work for displaced peoples.

STRATEGIC PRIORITY #3: Advance climate action

Climate change is humanity’s defining challenge of the 21st century, with its negative impacts disproportionately affecting marginalized communities around the world. Building on our experience, Cuso International will promote, advocate, innovate, and partner for inclusive and effective climate action. We will support livelihood resilience and adaptation by and for marginalized communities affected by climate change.

We also will engage in strategic partnerships to promote knowledge, expertise, and influence in developing responses to climate change.