Saving the Lives of Ethiopian Moms and Babies

Country Ethiopia

Abeba and her husband have finally arrived at the hospital in Pawe, Ethiopia. They’re tired from the long journey, but they’re also frightened and confused. Abeba’s contractions are coming hard and fast and she’s losing a lot of blood. She knows this isn’t normal. Time is ticking away. Feeling helpless, Abeba’s husband Mulu, prays Abeba and their unborn child will survive the birth.

This is unfortunately a common scenario in developing countries. Resources are limited, and health workers do the best they can with what they have. Local health workers, like the ones who receive Abeba and Mulu, are equipped to provide basic care, but lack the training to handle the complications that can arise in childbirth.

This is where Cuso International volunteers like Jennica Rawstron can make a meaningful difference.

The midwifery team were able to stop Abeba’s bleeding, and this was in part due to the training they received from Jennica. Abeba survived the delivery and she and Mulu welcomed a healthy baby boy into their family.

Jennica is a registered midwife from British Columbia spending six months working at the Pawe Hospital in Ethiopia. She is sharing her expertise to develop and deliver training for midwives and health workers.

“I’ve really been able to admire the resiliency that people here live with. I often think these women are so incredibly strong, and this community is so incredibly strong because they continue to function despite really limited resources.” Jennica says about her year-long placement.

Over the course of her placement, Jennica has had many profound experiences. She remembers attending a birth where the baby was floppy and unresponsive. “I helped resuscitate the baby,” says Jennica, her eyes filling with tears. “If I wasn’t there, maybe that baby wouldn’t have survived.”

When Cuso International volunteers like Jennica share their knowledge and expertise, health workers get the training they need to save the lives of thousands of moms and their babies.

You can help moms deliver their babies safely. Your donation sends Canadian medical volunteers like Jennica to improve the skills of health workers in countries like Ethiopia. Your monthly gifts will be matched ten times, providing even more women and children with life-saving health care. Donate today, and save the lives of moms and babies around the world. You can make your gift online or by calling our toll-free number: 1-888-434-2876 x222.