Region East Africa

Nourishing Change: Cuso International looking for skilled volunteers for new nutrition work 

You can put your nutrition knowledge and skills in Zambia, Malawi, Mozambique or Ethiopia with Cuso International.

Cuso International is partnering with CARE Canada to support nutrition programs in four African countries and we need skilled volunteers to work with us on these exciting new projects.

Nutrition forms the foundation of a healthy and productive person and healthy and productive communities and countries. Without adequate nutrition, children’s immune systems are weak, adolescents can’t learn productively and adult productivity is lost. It’s estimated that up to 11% of the world’s GDP is lost to malnutrition.

Through our work with CARE Canada and other partners, we are working to provide better nutrition programs to women and children in Ethiopia, Malawi, Mozambique and Zambia. And we’re looking for skilled volunteers to do this with us.

Growing Nutrition for Mothers and Children (GROW): Ethiopia 

As a GROW volunteer, you’ll be working with local partners on projects such as monitoring malnutrition rates; establishing household and school gardens; developing and managing nutrition policies and programs; and improving community water sources.*

GROW placements – Ethiopia

Nutrition & Environmental Health Advisor
Health Education/Communications Advisor
Monitoring And Evaluation Advisor
Multi-sectoral Collaboration For Nutrition Advisor

Southern African Nutrition Initiative (SANI): Malawi, Mozambique, Zambia 
As a SANI volunteer, you will support local partners as they improve knowledge about water, sanitation and hygiene issues; share knowledge about the benefits of optimal breastfeeding; and work with communities on dietary diversity.

SANI placements

Monitoring And Evaluation Advisor
Social & Behaviour Change Advisor
Gender Advisor

Program Management Advisor
Nutrition Policy Advisor
Organizational Development Advisor
Monitoring And Evaluation Advisor

Water, Sanitation And Hygiene Advisor
Gender Advisor
Communications Advisor
Horticulture Advisor

What’s it like to volunteer with Cuso International? 

Some of our volunteers have shared their volunteer journeys with us. Learn more about what it’s like to volunteer with us here.

Cuso International covers the following costs:

– Return airfare and visa/permit costs
– Accommodation while in country
– A modest living allowance while overseas
– The cost of required vaccinations, antimalarial medication and health insurance
– Access to Employee Assistance Program during your placement and when you return
– Travel and accommodation for the five-day pre-departure training course and in-country training orientation and again for a reintegration debriefing weekend after you return.