Together with our partners, staff, and volunteers, Cuso International is solving problems, implementing solutions and working toward eradicating poverty and inequality—one community at a time. Our work has touched millions of beneficiaries in more than 100 countries across four continents. In the last year alone more than 4 million people benefited from our collective efforts.

Cuso’s priorities are focused on advancing gender equality and empowering women and girls; improving access and quality of economic opportunities for young people, and engaging volunteers to help us achieve the Sustainable Development Goals. Through the following key projects across four continents, we are advancing our mission.

BLIEVER : Building Skills for Livelihood Enhancement for Refugees
Project Duration : 2019-2020
Country : Nigeria
Objectives : The project seeks to enhance livelihood opportunities for Cameroonian refugees in Nigeria by offering them business management training, hands-on instruction in agricultural, livestock and fisheries production, and access to start-up capital.


Project Duration :
Country : 
Objectives :
To help communities in the Centre, Littoral, East and South regions of Cameroon flatten the curve of COVID-19. This project is made possible with the financial support from the Canada Fund for Local Initiatives, managed by the Canadian High-Commission in Yaoundé, Cameroon.


FEDIH: Femmes engagées pour la dignité humaine
Project Duration: 2019-2022
Country: Benin
Objective:  To reduce gender-based violence (GBV) and female genital mutilation (FGM) in Northern Benin by increasing the participation of women, girls and their communities in the fight against GBV and FGM and enhancing the government and public institutions’ engagement towards the abandonment of GBV and FGM.


SCOPE: The Sustainable Colombian Opportunities for Peacebuilding and Employment
Project Duration: 2015-2022
Country: Colombia

  1. Provide employment and business training to vulnerable populations (youth, women, victims of the conflict, returned Colombians and Venezuelan migrants) in eight cities to access sustainable income generating activities.
  2. Gender equality and social inclusion training to private sector companies through the innovative toolkit Ruta Inclusiva to create more inclusive workspaces while addressing barriers faced by vulnerable groups.
  3. Targeted technical support to local municipalities to strengthen their ability to design and implement inclusive employment programs and policies.

: Sharing Canadian Expertise for Inclusive Development and Gender Equality
Project duration: 2020 - 2027
Target population: 10 countries in Latin America, the Caribbean and Africa
Objective: Improve the economic and social well-being of the most vulnerable people, particularly women and girls.


The ISEG-VP: The Inclusive and Sustainable Development for Vulnerable Populations
Project duration: 2019-2023
Country: Honduras
Objectives: The Inclusive and Sustainable Development for Vulnerable Populations project provides:

  1. Gender-responsive business development training to vulnerable populations (Indigenous women and persons with disabilities) in the Dry Corridor to start-up micro and small businesses.
  2. Workshops to vulnerable populations to better understand and recognize their social and economic rights.
  3. Targeted training to local communities and municipalities to promote more responsive implementation of sustainable natural resource management and livelihood activities.


Project Duration : 2020-2025
Country : Ethiopia
Objective: To promote access to higher education for high school girls and to address barriers that impede adolescent girls’ education in Ethiopia. The project will enhance academic, social and soft skills for adolescent girls, including those with disabilities, and strengthen the capacity of teachers and education institutions to deliver quality and gender-sensitive education.


WVL: Women’s Voice and Leadership
Project Duration: 2019–2023
Country: Peru
Objectives: The Women’s Voice and Leadership project provides:

  1. Targeted technical training to local women’s rights organizations to improve their management and long-term sustainability.
  2. Targeted technical training to local women’s rights organizations to strengthen their programming and advocacy to advance gender equality and empower women and girls.
  3. Innovative mechanisms to national and sub-national women’s rights platforms, networks and alliances to affect policy, legal and social change in Peru.


We gratefully acknowledge the financial assistance of the Government of Canada.