Fri, 2014-09-19 (All day)

Cuso International is actively recruiting for 150 Canadian citizens to observe parliamentary elections in the Ukraine scheduled for October 26th.
The volunteer election observers will be deployed for a short-term placement. Applicants need to be available for a period of 10 days beginning October 20th, 2014. Deadline for applications is September 26th at noon (EST).
The mission’s objective, which is coordinated through the Canadian Election Observation Missions (CANEOM), is to observe, record, and compile findings in a report which reflects the democratic nature of the elections. 
“Cuso International is pleased to contribute to this important Canadian Mission for the second time this year,” says Chief Executive Derek Evans. “We have more than 53 years of solid experience in recruiting, selecting, and supporting volunteers to work in development and governance projects. We can leverage our network to ensure qualified, committed, Canadians are onboard for this mission,” notes Evans.
Earlier this year, Cuso International was actively involved in supporting the recruitment and deployment of election volunteers to observe the Presidential elections in the Ukraine held in late May. Cuso International received an overwhelming response from volunteer candidates when that call went out,  enabling recruitment of qualified election observers and a successful Mission. 
For more information or to make your online application see
Media are asked to contact:
Jennifer Lavoie, Manager, Communications
613-829-7445 ext. 252