Introducing Cuso International’s new 2023-2027 Strategic Plan


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Ottawa, ON February 7, 2023


Message from Nicolas Moyer, Cuso International Chief Executive Officer


Introducing Cuso International’s new 2023-2027 Strategic Plan

I am excited to introduce Cuso International’s new  2023-2027 Strategic Plan.  It is a roadmap for how we will collaborate with our partners over the next five years to address the root causes of inequality and improve the economic and social conditions of marginalized groups.

Over the past year, our team has engaged in a thoughtful and consultative process to renew our commitment to building a better, fairer, and more sustainable world.  We have taken stock of global trends affecting the communities where we work, including the worsening global climate crisis, rising attacks on basic human rights, and growing inequality and marginalization. We’ve taken a hard look at ourselves too and how we must evolve in support of growing capacity in developing countries. This includes calls for addressing colonial legacies that have created and perpetuated many of the global injustices we see today.

In a recent poll we commissioned to gauge awareness of Canadians understanding of international development efforts, we noted that more Canadians are aware of the work underway to advance gender equality, combat climate degradation,  and advance human rights and inclusion, when compared to two years ago.  This is gratifying.  We know these are areas that Cuso International is well positioned to support, and this plan has recommitted its efforts to address these priorities.

This plan will guide our efforts to continue to deliver positive change in the communities where we work and builds on Cuso International’s historic strengths, emphasizing three areas where we will focus our efforts:

  • Strengthen gender equality and social inclusion
  • Improve economic resilience through sustainable solutions
  • Advance climate action

In the coming months, I will share more news with you about each of the strategic priorities and the results we have identified for attaining our goal.

In the interim, I invite you to read Cuso International’s Strategic Plan 2023-2027.  I welcome your comments and questions.



Nicolas Moyer


Cuso International