Diaspora Workshop Series Helps Local Groups Build Capacity


Man giving a speech

As a Canadian international development organization that sends volunteers to over 20 countries around the world, Cuso Internationalā€™s connection to diaspora communities is very important to the work that we do. The connection diaspora has across Canada to their countries of origin is evident in numerous ways, one of which is through volunteering. Because of this, we are always looking to work with diaspora groups to connect with those who are interested in going back to their country or region of origin, either to give back to the country from which they came or to reconnect with their roots.

However, our work with diaspora groups goes beyond this. Part of our goal is to help them build their capacity within Canada to provide support to their communities here. We work with them across the country in numerous ways. One of the most recent initiatives is our Diaspora Workshop Series.

The four-part workshop series is being held in Toronto and Montreal and brings together experts with local diaspora groups. The evening workshops cover topics such as strategic planning, fundraising, communication and governance with the hopes of helping our diaspora partners increase their capacity to serve their communities both in Canada and overseas.

Our goal is to continue to work with diaspora and diaspora groups across the country. If you have any suggestions on ways of working together, please contact us at inquiry@cusointernational.org.