Cuso International in Peru awarded National Volunteering Prize



It brings us great pleasure and pride to announce that on December 6th, 2013, Peru’s Ministry of Women and Vulnerable Populations (MIMP) awarded the National Volunteering Prize (PRENAVOL) 2013 in the category “Citizenship” to Cuso International (Peru) for its dedicated work in implementing the National Volunteering Program (PVN).

The thematic area “Citizenship” includes all persons or organizations that carry out volunteer activities to foment citizen participation and engagement, as well as volunteering institutions involved in the defense of workers, conflict resolution and dialogue, among others.

In this category, the finalists were: Peru’s National Elections Board (JNE), the city of Lima’s Municipal Volunteering Program “I am Lima”, the Participative Budgeting Vigilance Committee, the NGO Native of Peru and Cuso International (winner).

The MIMP, as the regulatory entity for Peru’s National Volunteering System, and as part of the celebrations organized for International Volunteer Day, makes this recognition for the first time this year to persons or organizations that have stood out due to their commitment to building, promoting and supporting volunteering in Peru.

We would like to dedicate this important recognition to all the persons (international and national volunteers, staff and partners) who gave their support to the PVN in Peru and, in general, to Cuso International.