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Ottawa, April 26, 2016 – Cuso International, a non-governmental organization that matches volunteers’ skills with community needs to reduce poverty, and Randstad Canada, a leader in staffing, recruitment and HR services, are expanding their partnership to transform even more lives around the world. Partners for more than a decade, Cuso International and Randstad have committed to increasing the opportunities available to Randstad employees to take time away from their work in Canada to volunteer through Cuso International. The organizations will also explore innovative ways to match Randstad employees and their expertise with community organizations in developing regions.

The partners have a long-standing relationship and mutual commitment to supporting the reduction of poverty and supporting sustainable economic development by applying and sharing knowledge and skills.

“Cuso International is thrilled to further collaborate with Randstad to make an even greater impact in the lives of those most vulnerable,” said Evelyne Guindon, CEO of Cuso International. “Through the support of corporate partners such as Randstad, we are able to close the skills gap which is essential in overcoming poverty and inequality.”

Already the renewed partnership is having an impact. Cuso International volunteer and Randstad Canada employee, Brittany Jewell is currently in Nicaragua to provide marketing and communication expertise to the “Red de Empresarias de Nicaragua” (REN), a network of 800 female entrepreneurs. She has been supporting the organization and its female entrepreneurs by providing social media skills development and planning to help the entrepreneurs to promote their products and build brand awareness, trade and capacity. Hundreds of women entrepreneurs, their staff and communities will benefit from this work.

Dan Bryson, CHRL, manager of talent management, Randstad Canada, has volunteered through Cuso International on two separate placements; he champions the relationship between Randstad and Cuso International.

“This partnership is a great fit for Randstad and is in keeping with the company’s long-standing commitment to corporate social responsibility,” said Bryson. “I am so proud to be growing our partnership and to have the opportunity for our talented employees to share their world-class expertise through volunteerism. Having experienced a Cuso International placement first-hand, I know that it can be life-changing not only for those you are helping but for the volunteer because they too gain new skills and expand their perspectives.”

The corporate partnership is a powerful engagement program that will attract top talent to volunteer with Cuso International and support our development partners in reaching their goals. To learn more about Cuso International visit or to learn more about Cuso International’s corporate partnerships please visit

Randstad Canada’s seventh volunteer, Brittany Jewell, Branch Manager in the Downtown Calgary Staffing branch, who is currently on a six-month placement in Nicaragua. Brittany is working with Red de Empresarias de Nicaragua, a local women’s entrepreneurial association. She is working with these inspirational women to develop and improve the organizations’ capacity to market its products, which contributes directly to the improvement of women’s livelihoods in Managua, Nicaragua’s capital.