ACC 50th Anniversary and JCCCAM Gala


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The program Diaspora & Development of Cuso International builds upon over a decade of work Cuso International has undertaken to engage diaspora volunteers and communities in Canada and the US to contribute to development programming. The unprecedented size of the diaspora today combined with a greater than ever frequency in transnational movements, places them in a unique position to challenge current development models and experiment with new ideas and approaches.

Cuso International recognizes that members of diaspora communities have a long history of contributing in significant and positive ways to the social and economic development of their country of origin or heritage.

Why not also contributing by sharing their skills with organizations in their countries of origin? We are pleased to be able to contribute to the integration of Canada’s diaspora communities into Canada’s development assistance strategy, while at the same time strengthening their associative life here.

This is the commitment that Cuso International wanted to highlight by joining in the celebrations of the 50th anniversary of Association life of the Canada’s Cameroonian community with the Association of Cameroonians of Canada (ACC) in 2017 and by participating in Gala of Excellence of the Cameroon Junior Chamber of Commerce of Canada (JCCCAM) for a 2nd year.

Approximately 40,000 nationals across Canada, Cameroonians are present in all provinces with a high rate of participation in associative activities and involved in several professional’s spheres of work.

Cuso International witnessed this as participants in the various activities proposed.

Ceremony Tribute to Deans

Ceremony Tribute to Deans

The JCCCAM 2017 Gala highlighted the excellence of professionals, entrepreneurs and community leaders in Canada.


Cuso International is proud to count Cameroonian Canadians who contribute to development in Cameroon, but also in other African countries!