Translation Support – A Labour of Love

Sasha Dziubenko and Leo Espinoza are a married couple who e-volunteered together as Spanish translators to support projects in Honduras and Peru. Sasha provided translation support for Honduran partners FIDE, Inversión y Exportaciones and for our country program office in Peru. Leo also provided translation support for Honduran partners Programa de Rehabilitación de Parálisis Cerebral (PREPACE) and TECHO.

The translation of materials is a popular e-volunteer task as some of our partners and their beneficiaries do not speak English and therefore, need to have their promotional material translated from Spanish or French into English to have a greater reach with potential donors.

E-Volunteer Mobilization Advisor Natalie Graham had a rare opportunity to meet e-volunteers in person when Sasha and Leo stopped by the Cuso booth to say hello while attending the Go Global event in Toronto.