If going overseas isn’t an option for you, you can still volunteer in a meaningful way, right from your own home, via email, Skype and other web-based technologies.

Peer-to-peer – Exchange ideas and work collaboratively with an overseas colleague over email.

E-mentoring – Share skills and experience with an overseas colleague using online tools such as Skype to help build his/her capacity.

Task-based technical assistance – Work off-site on a volunteer project such as a website, business plan, research project, marketing campaign and more.

To see current e-volunteering placements visit our website.

To learn more about the benefits of e-volunteering, the types of placements available and the process during placement, please see our e-volunteering guide.


Examples of E-Volunteering Success Stories

E-volunteering: virtual teams making a real difference
Creating online support teams to support emerging social entrepreneurs

Mobilizing Canadian interns, e-mentors and ICT to support international development efforts
Direct e-mentoring – mobilizing Canadian interns, supported by seasoned e-mentors

Online crowd sourcing: Good Globalization
Mobilising classrooms to produce valuable market research data – Cuso International alumnus leads students at one BC college in helping rice farmers in Laos