Take a leave of absence from work or your studies to participate in an overseas volunteer assignment with one of Cuso International’s partner organizations.
Corporate and Institutional volunteering is a great way for Cuso International to fill placements that require highly skilled volunteers from a variety of professional and academic backgrounds.

Everyone benefits:

  • Volunteers gain a better understanding of global issues, valuable inter-cultural expertise and helpful problem-solving skills that will benefit them throughout their career.
  • The company or institution benefits from the new expertise and skills that the volunteers share and apply upon their return.
  • Allowing employees, students or institutional members to take a leave of absence demonstrates an organization’s commitment to personal and professional learning and development.
  • Offering a corporate volunteering program is an effective strategy for attracting, retaining and developing staff — especially as professionals increasingly value being part of an organization that is committed to making a difference.
  • The overseas partner organizations gain valuable knowledge and skills that help them build capacity — in turn, helping thousands of people build a better future for themselves.

Our partners are seeking the following skills: business managers, M&E advisors, auditors and financial advisors, strategic planners, small business and microfinance advisors, project managers, IT professionals, marketing advisors and many more!