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Volunteering is at the heart of Cuso International’s global development efforts. We believe that people helping people is the best and most sustainable way to address the development needs of our time. If you want to be part of a movement that is making a real difference in the world, then volunteering for Cuso International is for you.

Why volunteer?

As a Cuso International volunteer, you will

  • Live and work abroad in Africa, Asia, Latin America or the Caribbean.
  • Work side-by-side with local people and organizations.
  • Share your skills, creativity and learning to achieve common goals.
  • Contribute in advancing sustainable development.
  • Gain unique insights into the reality of life in other countries and communities.
  • Attain valuable professional experience and develop the cross-cultural understanding essential for success in a globalized world.

Is volunteering right for you?

Watch a video that outlines the qualifications we’re looking for and what you can expect as a volunteer.

Having been involved with various non-profit organizations, my IDF experience was an irreplaceable opportunity to bridge theoretic knowledge of development with actual practice abroad. The opportunity to be immersed in a developing country and connect with others on the ground broadened my outlook and approach to problem-solving in a development setting, in ways that reading books and articles half a world away cannot. It completely challenged my thinking on international economics, policies and relationships with lessons that I will be able to apply going forward.

Elizabeth Gore, Cuso International volunteer placed in Guyana as Value Chains Advisor through the Deloitte International Development Fellowship (IDF) program

Beneficiaries with male volunteer in Bolivia


Every year, Cuso International places hundreds of highly skilled volunteers in a wide variety of projects at home and around the world.

Types of volunteers include

  • International – Work and live in a developing country for up to 24 months.
  • Diaspora – Return to your country of birth or heritage to share your skills.
  • E-volunteering – Work with overseas partners online.
  • Corporate and Institutional – Take a leave of absence from your work or studies.
  • Volunteer in North America – Share your knowledge and time or raise money in North America on behalf of Cuso International.
  • South-South – Volunteer in a developing country other than your own.

Types of projects include

  • Mentoring and advising local entrepreneurs and working with Youth Employment Centres to help build sustainable livelihoods.
  • Providing business expertise in industries such as agriculture, food processing, professional services and eco-tourism to strengthen economic growth.
  • Providing natural resource management expertise for initiatives such as the Model Forests Project.
  • Building the capacity of community health organizations to improve accessibility.
  • Providing expertise to strengthen civil society organizations, support judicial reform and improve access to justice.

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