Growing Livelihoods in Tanzania 

Marcelina Lubuva-Tanzania/Cuso

Sowing seeds for future growth, improved livelihoods in Tanzania 

The Kizimba Business Model engages women and youth in agriculture and agribusiness opportunities. 

Village life invigorated by successful coffee strategy

Over the course of a decade, Tanzanian farmers have reshaped life for their families through a sustainable and profitable coffee business.

Richard Simoni, Kolping-Cuso International


Marcelina Martine Lubuva
National volunteer
Tanzania, 2022  

#IamCusobecause I have the opportunity to support women and youth in their quest for knowledge and skills in agribusiness, enabling them to generate an income and improve their lives along with the lives of their families and communities.  

Marcelina Martine Lubuva is volunteering as a horticultural expert and farm manager in Morogoro, Tanzania.