Cuso International’s Potential Unlimited Corporate Volunteering Program offers employers a fast-track to personal and professional development for their staff. The ROI is a better work force, stronger company and better world.

As sixty percent of Cuso International’s work is in sustainable economic growth, we are looking for Canadian business leaders and visionaries to work with to use the power of business to change people’s lives.

“Knowing my employer supported me to do this, it was especially important to me that the work I was asked to do in Jamaica was accomplished. This wasn’t a vacation or a cultural exchange for me; it was very important that I make a meaningful contribution.”- Christine French, Cuso International volunteer, Government of British Columbia


Impact. In a word, partnering with Cuso International creates impact for our private sector and regional partners.

Benefit to your staff

  • Opportunity to challenge themselves and put their skills to the test
  • Staff return as better leaders and more capable, strategic and resourceful
  • Better connection to their work, company and colleagues
  • Improvements in soft-skills like communication and consensus building
  • Better understanding of global business practices
  • Greater cross-cultural awareness and understanding of different ways of thinking

Benefit to your business

  • Increased recruitment and retention of the best and brightest
  • A more engaged workforce
  • Using your company’s expertise to improve lives makes your CSR on brand and on mission
  • Exposure to new business opportunities and markets

Benefit to our regional partner

  • Our regional partners will benefit from the skill, knowledge and passion of your team. They will see a difference in their lives and the lives of their families
  • Stronger organizations working with those living in poverty
  • Improved infrastructure and systems
  • Income generation for communities through improved business knowledge and practices have spin off effects in terms of health and education


Just like volunteer placements, there are many different options for partnering with Cuso International.

  1. Employee Volunteering: We can create tailored placements for your staff in one of the 22 countries we work in. They can be placed as a group or individually for varying lengths of time. Staff will be supported before, during and after their placements by Cuso International’s professional staff, and we will ensure stories of the impact they are having are brought back to Canada.
  2. Transition to retirement: Some of those who retire aren’t ready to put up their feet just yet. Cuso International is always looking for skilled professionals with years of experience. We can work together on providing opportunities for staff to transition out of the workforce through volunteering.
  3. E-volunteering: E-volunteering is an innovative way companies can offer employees the chance to use their skills to help people around the world – all from their own desk. Staff e-volunteer a few hours a week on line by being connected to an overseas partner.
  4. Supporting our Programs: Cuso International works in areas ranging from agriculture to nursing, from business development to gender equality. Your financial support will help Cuso International develop and implement programs with our regional partners and volunteers. We are happy to discuss possible programs we are working on that align with your CSR goals.
  5. A Program for You: Together we can do any of the above. We’ll work to develop a program that uses your staff’s skills. The stories of the difference your staff are making can be used to highlight the impact you are having in the lives of people in need.


Randstad’s ten-year partnership with Cuso International has brought business value for the company while also delivering on a deep-rooted corporate social responsibility goals. Our partnership in Jamaica is giving Randstad Canada staff the opportunity to use their talents to help vulnerable youth find meaningful employment to set them on a path for a better life. Randstad staff are supporting Jamaica’s leading training and employment agency, HEART Trust RSA, improve their practices to connect more youth with careers that will set them up for a brighter future.



Staff from the BC Public Service are given the opportunity to volunteer with Cuso International thanks to their Provincial Employees Community Services Fund. The skills BC Public Service employees offer are a complement across the spectrum of Cuso International’s programs. BC Public Service employee volunteers' skills are helping youth in Jamaica.



Cuso International is funded in part by the Canadian Government through Global Affairs Canada. One of the many mandates of Global Affairs Canada is to lead Canada’s international development and humanitarian assistance.

We are also proud to partner with the following institutional donors: the United Nations High Commission for Refugees, European Union and LafargeHolcim on projects to reduce poverty and inequality and achieve sustainable development.

We work with local governments and organizations in developing countries to ensure our programs meet the community’s most pressing needs and that the benefits can be sustained long after the volunteers return home.


Please contact Meghan Maack at 1-888-434-2876 ext. 205, or send an email to meghan.maack@cusointernational.org.