There’s no direct route from Elmira to Borneo


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Born in Kitchener and raised in Elmira, Neill McKee knew at an early age life would take him beyond the borders of Waterloo Region. Well beyond, as it would turn out.

His wanderlust would lead to a 45-year career in teaching, film-making and international development with stops in 80 countries. His global journey started with a little place very far from Elmira, a village on the Southeast Asian island of Borneo.

Not one to put down roots, Neill McKee struggled to find direction, but that would soon change, as so often happens at university, by changing on a poster from Cuso International. It touted an adventure overseas, and though it was short on certain details – like where exactly he would be going – McKee took the plunge.

ARTICLE: There’s no direct route from Elmira to Borneo
The Observer
Published: July 11, 2019