How we became Cuso International

In 1961, a group of Canadian university graduates had a vision of a more connected world. A world where the social constraints you are born into don’t dictate the entirety of your life. Where each human being can reach their full potential.

These young people took a great leap of faith, rallied hundreds of other young graduates across this great nation and founded CUSO, Canadian University Service Overseas. Each young volunteer took their role as a Canadian “ambassador” very seriously as they filled skill gaps in developing countries as teachers, nurses and agriculturalists.

Over the next few decades, as our partners became the educators, health care professionals and farmers, so evolved the role of the volunteers. Today, our volunteers are experienced professionals who focus on building skills and transferring knowledge to our partners across Africa, Southeast Asia, Latin America, the Caribbean and Canada’s North.

Visit our Alumni section to learn more about the people that inspired the Cuso International movement.