East Africa

Cuso International works in Ethiopia and Tanzania.*

The East African region has an average poverty rate of 47.5 and poverty, in recent years, is growing faster than the population. Droughts and man-made disasters perpetuate this and contribute to underdevelopment. Countries in this region share similarities like unemployment, high rates of poverty, and social and environmental challenges. Insufficient infrastructure and capacity shortages limit the economic potential in this region. .

Long-term development priorities for the region include establishing food security and nutritional education in the region. Improving the welfare of mothers and children, especially those under the age of five, is also a high priority. Rural community dwellers face many barriers in accessing services and supports.

In East Africa, Cuso International volunteers work on projects in the areas of gender equality, maternal and child health, promoting rights and justice, strengthening educational capacity, creating accessible services for people with disabilities, economic development, micro enterprise, civic participation, and critical health services including nutrition.

Cuso International works with in-country partners on development projects that are tailored and responsive to local needs.  Partnerships include civil society groups, non-profit organizations, the private sector, and various levels of government and ministries. Projects are also supported by national and international partners that work in cooperation with Cuso International and local partners.

The benefits that flow from the placement of skilled volunteers on strategic development initiatives in this region are many and diverse.

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*As of 2018-2019