Diasporas for Development

Region Andean, Caribbean, Central America, East Africa, North America, Southeast Asia, West and Central Africa

Diaspora volunteer conducting workshop

Cuso International has identified the importance of working alongside dynamic North American diaspora community groups in areas of mutual interest. Our aim is to mobilize diaspora individuals, communities and groups to contribute to sustainable development and poverty reduction in Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean.

The Diaspora for Development program touches on five key areas:

1. Facilitating knowledge creation and knowledge sharing on diaspora engagement policy and practice

2. Developing a sustainable and impactful diaspora volunteer program internationally and domestically

3. Building long lasting partnerships to support diaspora for development

4. Supporting on develop new approaches for funding diaspora projects

5. Building the capacity of diaspora organizations

Guided by these goals, Cuso International has established strategic partnerships with a number of key diaspora community associations across North America. They provide the access we need to help build a solid platform for skills and knowledge transfer. Such a platform will support brain- gain and bring positive lasting change to their country/region of heritage or origin.

“It is because we believe that diaspora communities have enormous potential to help solve problems and create opportunities in their countries of origin, because we believe that […] we can move forward by giving back.” – Former U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Opening Remarks at the 2011 Global Diaspora Forum

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