Project Proposal Developer - Urban Agriculture/Permaculture (E-Volunteer)


Online placement (E-Volunteer)

Partner Location Ethiopia

Start Date Nov - Dec 2019 (flexible)

Length of Placement 4 Months

Language Requirements English

English Reading: Level 5, Writing: Level 5, Speaking: Level 5

Language Scale:

About E-Volunteering


Cuso International’s e-volunteering program welcomes new and returning volunteers to work with our international program partners and volunteers remotely. E-Volunteering offers many of the benefits gained from international volunteering, while having the extra advantage of fitting into one's regular weekly schedule without needing a passport. Contributing and giving back to a community, gaining new skills, and making new connections are common benefits of e-volunteering and for Cuso International it is a great opportunity to engage more people in its mission.  

E-Volunteers are expected to supply their own basic home office equipment, Internet and have a moderate knowledge of computer technology. Some of our partners are located in remote areas with unreliable internet connection. In addition, for some of our partners, this is their first experience working with e-volunteers, so flexibility and patience is a valuable e-volunteer characteristic.

E-Volunteers spend approximately 3-4 months in a placement and spend 2-10 hours per week working as an e-volunteer depending on the project requirements.

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The E-Volunteer’s Role


We are currently seeking a skilled project proposal developer to help our partners to coordinate and develop a proposal on Urban Agriculture/Permaculture project models in the towns of Harar & Babile.

Your role as an e-volunteer:

-            Draft a plan for the project proposal development process

-            Guide and coordinate with the team in Harar in collecting the essential information and data for the project proposal

-            Monitor the project the relevance of the project ideas and proposed interventions to the real problems the communities facing

-            Monitor the sustainability and scalability and affordability of the interventions

-            Check the potential economic, environmental and social impact of the project

-            Check the project proposal was approved by authorities of EHZAD & HRADO

Essential Academic Qualifications:

-A post-graduate degree in Agriculture, Agricultural Economics, Natural Resources or Environment.

Essential Professional Background:

-            Highly experienced in project development specially in smallholder, subsistence farming systems preferably in Africa.

-            Experienced in agricultural rural development work (preferably in Africa).

-            Proficiency in Microsoft Office.

-            Experienced in project management.

-            Adequate experience in the integrated and participatory agricultural development approach.

-            Knowledge and ability in agricultural infrastructure modeling and simulation software and program manipulation.


About Our Partner


Eastern Hararge Zone Agricultural Development Office (EHZADO) and Harari Region Agricultural Development Office (HRADO)

EHZAD & HRADO are working in an area where communities in both areas have similar agro-climatic and sociocultural characteristics, despite the fact that a large portion of the population in Harari regional state is composed of urban dwellers from the town of Harar.

Currently, the EHZAD & HRADO are working to conduct a technical study in three potential project sites within the territories of Harari regional state and Eastern Hararge zone, within a 25 km radius of the town of Harar. In order to expand the sand dam/subsurface dam centered approach and establish a viable sustainable and scalable model, EHZAD & HRADO have requested Cuso International for a partnership in developing a project proposal.