Situational Analysis Researchers For Myanmar States - 4 Positions (E-Volunteer)

Online placement (E-Volunteer)

Partner Location Myanmar

Start Date Sep - Nov 2019 (flexible)

Length of Placement 2 Months

Language Requirements English

English Reading: Level 5, Writing: Level 5, Speaking: Level 5

Language Scale:

About E-Volunteering


Cuso International’s e-volunteering program welcomes new and returning volunteers to work with our international program partners and volunteers remotely. E-Volunteering offers many of the benefits gained from international volunteering, while having the extra advantage of fitting into one's regular weekly schedule without needing a passport. Contributing and giving back to a community, gaining new skills, and making new connections are common benefits of e-volunteering and for Cuso International it is a great opportunity to engage more people in its mission.  

E-Volunteers are expected to supply their own basic home office equipment, Internet and have a moderate knowledge of computer technology. Some of our partners are located in remote areas with unreliable internet connection. In addition, for some of our partners, this is their first experience working with e-volunteers so flexibility and patience is a valuable e-volunteer characteristic.

E-Volunteers spend approximately 3-4 months in a placement and spend 2-10 hours per week working as an e-volunteer depending on the project requirements.

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The E-Volunteer’s Role


To help support our country program office (CPO) in Myanmar with future program development, situational analysis research is required to describe the socio-economic context, with a focus on and barriers to equality, opportunity, safety and independence such as key issues affecting people’s livelihoods / inclusive and sustainable economic growth, key obstacles to basic human rights including gender equality and social inclusion.

The team of four e-volunteer researchers will:

-Conduct desk-research particularly around Southern Shan State, Kayah State, Chin State and Rakhine State to establish key issues

-Connect with relevant stakeholders via email or online where as possible and applicable)

-Develop a final report with recommendation about the information gap / future program intervention areas

The research will be divided between two focus geographic areas where two researchers will work on Southern Shan and Kayah States and the other two researchers will work on Chin and Rakhine States.

The goal of this placement is to produce a report in English detailing the context, stakeholders and power structure, engagement between the key players and local and state authorities, key issues and recommendations for Cuso International’s program. This report will provide not only information but analysis of the information with recommendations.

Gender dynamics across all areas and issues will be a priority area for the report.

As an e-volunteer, you will:

- Conduct brainstorming sessions with staff and volunteers

- Come up with three options for the concept and then present these ideas

- Select the best option and develop relevant pieces

Essential Academic Qualifications:

-A degree in Sociology (applied) or in a relevant field or at least five years of research experience and situational analysis research work.


Essential Professional Background:

-Experience in conducting mapping studies.Your statement of interest in your application must clearly demonstrate your research abilities most notable with conduction situational analysis research studies.

Field or remote experience and knowledge of working


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Cuso International has implemented its VOICE project in Myanmar and 21 other countries which will continue till March 2020. The Volunteers for International Cooperation and Empowerment (VOICE) program (VOICE) in Myanmar will increase the capacity of community-based organizations and government to deliver innovative and sustainable/inclusive development results for poor and marginalized communities, women and youth. Our program will focus on two projects: A Gender Equality and Social Inclusion (GESI) project, which focuses on increased security for women and girls; and the Inclusive Sustainable Economic Growth (ISEG) project, which focuses on improving access to employment (either formal or informal) that increases security, income and working conditions, particularly for youth and women including the development of entrepreneurship and inclusive businesses, and the development of value chains in the tourism sector.

Cuso International Myanmar signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Department of rural development to work in Yangon, Nay Pyi Taw, Mon State, Tanintharyi Region and intends to extend its activities to Kayin State.