External Shocks Best Practices For Small-Scale Women Entrepreneurs (Philippines)

Online placement (E-Classroom)

Length of Placement 1 Semester

Cuso International Philippines’ programing focuses on the theme of women economic empowerment. We work with and support the capacity building, economic viability, growth and expansion of small-scale women enterprises in a region considered as one of the poorest and most vulnerable to natural disasters. These enterprises create decent jobs and incomes for themselves, their families and their communities. It is important that women entrepreneurs are not only able to develop financially viable business models but also climate-smart, adaptive and resilient businesses to ensure long-term sustainability.

For this project student groups will research and compile examples of:

1) good practices from different countries preferably within the Asia context on different strategies, tools and mechanisms that are developed, customized for small-scale women entrepreneurs to protect their businesses from external shocks, how these tools are accepted, used and applied and the results;

2) practices around making small businesses climate resilient and

3) what are the ‘failed’ or ‘ineffective’ attempts so we don’t need to repeat those mistakes. The researchers will also interview experts that can offer additional information and advice on how businesses can be more disaster ready and resilient.

This placement is offered under our E-Volunteering Classroom Program and is reserved for Canadian post-secondary instructors only. For more information about the classroom e-volunteering program, or to apply for this project, please email  natalie.graham@cusointernational.org or visit our website at: https://cusointl.org/EvolClassroomProgram