Positive Masculinities Inititatives in South East Asia

Online placement (E-Classroom)

Length of Placement 1 Semester

Cuso International’s country program offices in Laos, Myanmar and Philippines identified positive masculinities as an area where our programming can contribute towards greater gender work in these regions. For this project, researchers will:

1) identify effective positive masculinities programs and interventions globally that can be replicated in the South East Asia region;
2) map out existing organizations and initiatives working in positive masculinities, particularly in Laos, Philippines, and Myanmar; and
3) compile and summarize key references and studies that can inform Cuso International’s programming.

This research will inform our programming on positive masculinities in the region and help us identify potential partners to collaborate and interventions to replicate. Researchers are also encouraged to research best practices in Asia in general with a particular focus on Japan.

This placement is offered under our E-Volunteering Classroom Program and is reserved for Canadian post-secondary instructors only. For more information about the classroom e-volunteering program, or to apply for this project, please email natalie.graham@cusointernational.org or visit our website at: https://cusointl.org/EvolClassroomProgram