Creating A Toolbox For Young Feminists (Colombia)

Online placement (E-Classroom)

Length of Placement 1 Semester

Cuso International Colombia is building a new partnership with a small feminist fund which supports young feminist collectives with small grants. To help support this partner, research is required to identify current best practice tools and that work for women activism on various topics. The overall objectives of this project would be to perform the initial research on these tools, verify with the organization host (the organization that either developed or is sharing the tool online) how it works, how its been applied, and if a version exists in Spanish. The notes and tools will be grouped together and shared with the fund for greater distribution to their beneficiaries.

Research topics may include the following:
- Safety and security for digital activism
- Communication campaigns
- Self and Collective care resources
- Financial management of grant funds
- Project management
- Monitoring and evaluation
- Feminist leadership
- Resources mobilization

This placement is offered under our E-Volunteering Classroom Program and is reserved for Canadian post-secondary instructors only. For more information about the classroom e-volunteering program, or to apply for this project, please email or visit our website at: