Social and Impact Investing in South East Asia

Online placement (E-Classroom)

Length of Placement  1 Semester  

Cuso International’s country program office team in Laos, Myanmar, and the Philippines are actively looking to diversify their funding portfolio beyond Global Affairs Canada. For this project, researchers will:

1) provide Cuso International an overview of the social investing landscape including key concepts, models/types, and terminologies (patient capital, pay-for-delivery model, impact investing);

2) identify key players in the social investing landscape globally (e.g. GIIN) and in Asia (e.g. AVPN, IIX); and

3) identify successful organizations (INGOs, social enterprises) similar to Cuso International who have undertaken projects that involved social investments.

This research will inform our strategy on how to diversify Cuso International’s funding portfolio and will help our programming be fit for the future. Researchers are also encouraged to research best practices in Asia in general with a focus on Singapore and Japan.

This placement is offered under our E-Volunteering Classroom Program and is reserved for Canadian post-secondary instructors only. For more information about the classroom e-volunteering program, or to apply for this project, please or visit our website at: