Creative Spreadsheet Developer (E-Volunteer)

Online placement (E-Volunteer)

Start Date Mar – May 2019 (flexible)

Length of Placement 2 Months

Language Requirements French

French Reading: Level 5, Writing: Level 5, Speaking: Level 5

Language Scale:

About E-Volunteering


Cuso International’s e-volunteering program welcomes new and returning volunteers to work with our international program partners and volunteers remotely. E-volunteering offers many of the benefits gained from international volunteering, while having the extra advantage of fitting into one's regular weekly schedule without needing a passport. Contributing and giving back to a community, gaining new skills, and making new connections are common benefits of e-volunteering and for Cuso International it is a great opportunity to engage more people in its mission.  

E-Volunteers are expected to supply their own basic home office equipment, Internet and have a moderate knowledge of computer technology. Some of our partners are located in remote areas with unreliable internet connection. Consequently, it is reasonable to assume that when working with the partners, emails will not be responded to immediately. For most of our partners, this is their first experience working with e-volunteers and flexibility and patience is a valuable e-volunteer characteristic.

For additional information about our e-volunteering program, please refer to: https:/

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The E-Volunteer’s Role


Our current Cuso International volunteer working in Benin with Association Saint-Camille-de-Lellis (ASC) is seeking support from an Excel Guru such as yourself.

You will help the volunteer to develop an Excel spreadsheet that will assimilate data from interviews, surveys, document audits and discussions.

This is an urgent request and the volunteer is requesting support right away until early May. Please note that IT connectivity is not usually not a problem, however, video capacity vis Skype or Messenger is challenging.

As an e-volunteer, you will:

-Attend an orientation meeting with the volunteer to discuss the project objectives.

-Develop spreadsheet based on needs. Exchange design ideas and implement feedback.

-Time and interest permitting, there are two local staff that are interested in developing their Excel skills and this could be achieved through one-on-one coaching. The duration of this addition assignment could be discussed based on the e-volunteers level of experience with Excel.

Essential Academic Qualifications:

-A completed degree in Business, Marketing or a related discipline.

Essential Professional Background:

-Advanced proficiency with Microsoft Excel.

About Our Partner

Association Saint-Camille-de-Lellis

The Association St-Camille-de-Leillis works to help people suffering from mental illness and has currently benefited more than 60,000 men and women so far. Every new patient is evaluated, diagnosed, and medicated using modern psychiatric approaches.


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