Cuso International is looking for volunteer Community Selectors to provide their time and expertise in the assessment process to determine candidates’ suitability to work abroad as volunteers. This is an excellent opportunity to be engaged in Cuso International’s work and contribute to reducing global poverty and inequality.

Some of the benefits include:
* Opportunity to share your input and experience and to become an influence for people that are seeking to create change in the world;
* Opportunity to meet an internationally diverse group of people at an important transition stage in their lives;
* Opportunity to meet and work with other Selectors coming from a wide range of backgrounds and to make important connections for the future;
* Opportunity to promote Cuso International’s mission to eradicate poverty through equitable and sustainable development; and
* Opportunity to develop assessment skills through experience and ongoing training.

The Assessment process
If you were a previous Cuso International volunteer, you may recall assessments are conducted using the Assessment Centre Methodology, which involves a one-on-one interview coupled with group activities over the course of a day. Potential selectors are also required to go through an assessment process so that both they and Cuso International can determine whether there is a good match between their needs. The role of community selector is a demanding one. The Assessment Methodology involves full concentration, note taking on what candidates say and do throughout the day, and an end of day discussion with 2 other selectors to determine if a candidate has demonstrated each of the 6 dimensions. We ask our selectors to commit to 6 – 8 days a year, mostly weekdays, 8 am – 6 pm with occasional, infrequent later ending times. Selectors are expected to be available to stay until final decisions are made. A schedule of upcoming assessment days is sent out well in advance and selectors choose dates based on their own availability.

Assessment days are currently held at the Cuso International office in Ottawa, at 44 Eccles Street. 

The next Community Selector Training will be in French and will take place in Ottawa the weekend of October 26-28, 2018. Also required is to attend a Selector Assessment Day in advance of the training. The Selector Assessment Days are October 16, 19 & 22 in Ottawa.

If you are interested in the Community Selector role, please send an introductory letter and your CV to


Joan McEwen spent a year in Cameroon as a management specialist with Cuso International from 2012 to 2013.  Upon her return, she learned of the Community Selector role and decided to try it out. “As a former international volunteer I was interested in maintaining my ties to Cuso International. One way in which I was able to do that was by becoming a Community Volunteer Selector. Since my return to Canada, I have been volunteering about 6 times a year to assess potential volunteers. It is an interesting ‘job’ as I get to meet many volunteers who are keen, excited, nervous and thrilled – just like all volunteers! It is so great to meet so many individuals with unique talents and interests but all sharing a common interest in internationally volunteering. My time spent doing these assessments is rewarding and exhausting (I won’t lie) but ultimately I just feel grateful to be part of the Cuso International family.”