Marian White 
Nigeria 1977-78; Board member 2005-08; Community volunteer; Guyana 2016-17 

Thanks for mailing the current issue to me. The Flashback photo on page 24 was likely taken at a LAC meeting (Latin America-Caribbean)Front left is Claudette Legault from New Brunswick who currently lives in Halifax. Front, second from right is Katherine Pearson from Ottawa who sadly is deceased.

Ann Taylor 
Papua New Guinea 1999-2000

I think that the person standing in the second row, third from the left, is Fergus O’Byrne of the much-loved Newfoundland group Ryan’s Fancy and I believe a former Cuso volunteer. 

Joe Gunn
Costa Rica 1982-84

I’m not sure where this photo was taken, but I recognize several radicals and good friends in your latest issueFather Bill Smith SFM is the bearded fellow, second from the left. He died in Brazil, after working for Development and Peace for many years. Beside him is Claudette Legault, (an OXFAM staffer for quite some time) who is wearing her t-shirt from Nicaragua and now lives in Halifax. Beth Woroniuk is the woman in the back on the right, and she still lives in Ottawa, as does Jean Christie (who worked many years for Inter Pares.)

Patty Deline 

Hi. The fair-haired beauty in the centre is Patricia Hurdle, now of Victoria. I think the bearded fellow on the left is Dennis Lewycky.

Valerie J. Proctor 
Fiji 1973-75 

That looks like Jean Christie in the front row, on the right. And I was wondering if anyone identified the Fijian woman sitting in the picture of the participants of the 1980 meeting in Arnprior.